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Donna Imson, Executive Chairperson of QNet, a leading Direct Selling company,  is a successful networker, a thought leader in the field of network marketing, and an accomplished expert in training and development.

In early 1993, when Donna was a struggling, young, single mother of three, she found a career opportunity in network marketing. By her own admission, it was this industry, and the decision to make it her full time profession that helped transform her life over the years. Today, Donna is an accomplished trainer, public speaker and a role model for the millions of entrepreneurial aspirants, especially women who are starting off in the industry.

Donna was a founding member of the team that started QNet in 1998. Over the years, she has held various senior management roles at QNet and within the QI group, the parent company of QNet. She is also a founding partner of QNet’s training and network management arm, The V.

In addition to her role as Executive Chairperson of QNet, Donna is also a Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, the CSR arm of QNet, a role that lets her pursue her relentless passion and involvement in philanthropic initiatives around the world.

As an untiring advocate for the industry, Donna has to her credit many achievements; a nomination for MLMIA’s (Multi-Level Marketing International Association) prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Network Marketing Industry award; Speaker at prominent events such as the Elite Network Marketing Congress in Singapore, the prestigious MLM Mastermind event in the US that got her rave reviews and the Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference in Malaysia in addition to countless training programs for customers of QNet globally.

She is also the driving force behind I’m Alive, a special training program that aims to raise the level of involvement and stature of women professionals in the direct selling industry globally. She is also on the Editorial Board of Networking Times, a leading industry publication for Direct Selling in the US.

Among her many achievements, she has the honour of being featured in John Milton Fogg‘s upcoming book The Greatest Networkers in the World, a follow up to Fogg’s Network Marketing classic, The Greatest Networker in the World. The book chronicles the profiles of 21 ordinary people who went on to become immensely successful network marketing professionals and how they did it.

When not globe-trotting as dictated by the demands of a rapidly growing organisation, Donna is based in the Philippines where she revels in her roles as a doting mother, friend and confidant.

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About Donna Imson, 9.1 out of 10 based on 39 ratings