Angry Bird’s Out; Hello, Happy Bird!

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Why put off till tomorrow something that you can do today? Why opt for big when you can go bigger? Bigger bonuses are up for grabs in the F2 Super Bonanza!

In QNET’s biggest bonanza ever, early birds are happy birds because they’re the ones who can earn higher matching bonuses, and help more to do the same.

According to a UCLA Longevity Center study, the brain adapts to technology in 7 days, regardless of age.

It probably takes just as fast for a new IR to adopt the QNET prosperity way, and even faster for everyone to take-off from our super F2 runway.

For those looking to paying themselves a big, fat, happy F2 bonus cheque, here are 3 keys to follow:

Adopt F2! Decide to make it happen. Don’t just wish or hope or try. Decide to be one of our happy early birds and decide now.

Adapt F2! Incorporate the F2 mindset and focus into your business by increasing your personal and group intensity and activity. Raise the bar higher by setting higher targets, increasing your store hours, calls made, plans shown, etc. If you do not change what you DO, you will not change what you GET. Do more to earn more, and do it now! Click on this link to find out how.

Get Adept at F2! Why limit yourself to finding 2? Get better and go for more. The bigger your flock of new direct referrals who earn step commissions during the early bird period, the happier everyone’s going to be.

So say goodbye to the angry bird, and say hello to the happy YOU!


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Angry Bird’s Out; Hello, Happy Bird!, 8.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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