Empowerment and the path to success

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Empowerment is not about women trying to make it in a man’s world. For women, the path to success is different from men’s. So empowerment is really about us embracing our own path to success because it’s everyone’s world.

Women have come a long way, but there is still a prevailing issue of insecurity and lack of confidence. A recent poll by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK found that 73% of women believe there’s a glass ceiling preventing them from reaching the top.

So how do women create their own path to success?

Often, trying to succeed in business the same way as men, does not work for women. This is because we have a different definition of success than men.

At V-Con last year, when the V-Kids were asked to create ‘dream boards’, there was a clear difference in the answers of the boys and the girls: the girls wanted horses, dogs and farms; the boys all wanted Ferraris. Even from a young age, we can see that boys and girls have different dreams. Women need to know that it’s OK to dream differently!

V-Kids 2011 create their "dream boards"

Women make up most of the network marketing population, yet it’s the men who dominate the higher income bracket. Why is that? It’s the success stories of men that are highlighted and women just can’t relate to them, because it’s like they’re dreaming the dreams of others! What women need are more creative options.


The path to success starts with 4As


Our differences as women, our femininity, and who we are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Take ownership of yourself.


Ourselves, our femininity, and inherent strengths: women are great collaborators, communicators, and connectors. Plus we tend to be better at relating to others. These are all necessary traits in network marketing.


Our differences from men, our strengths, and ourselves. Many times we don’t succeed because we sabotage ourselves by thinking we’re not good enough.


To reach your fullest potential, your greatness, and ultimately, the best version of YOU.

Donna Imson's Path to success for women

These are just some of the points I look forward to sharing with the hundreds of amazing women (and men) who will gather to learn and share at I’m Alive. It’s a training programme close to my heart that serves to empower women in network marketing. I can’t wait to kick things off this Saturday in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Will you be there?

Donna Imson I'm Alive training programme

I’m Alive takes place in Istanbul, Turkey on 30 June 2012, from 12pm to 6pm (local time in Turkey) at the Point Hotel Taksim (Topcu Caddesi No 2, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey). For details, contact Elena at +90 530 330 5808.

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