Set the pace, win the race

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I’m a fan of Formula One for several reasons. First of all, it is the sport with the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world with mad speeds of up to 360km per hour!

(To put things in perspective, many national high-speed railways have a maximum commercial speed of up to 300km per hour.)

But what truly amazes me about F1 is the painstaking preparation, the dedicated teamwork and above all, the steadfast leadership, that all go towards ensuring a team is successful.

QNet and Virgin Racing make a winning team!

If you’ve noticed, the qualifying race that happens the day before Race Day is almost as important as Race Day itself. The qualifying race is when all the drivers vie for pole position to get a good head start.

Now why is a good head start so important? Usually the driver at the front has a better chance of staying ahead and winning the big race. Drivers in pole position set the pace for the entire race. If they push hard, the other drivers have to work that much harder to overtake the leader.

The same applies to network marketing. In that sense, team leaders are like F1 drivers – they must be at the forefront, just like an F1 driver vies for the pole position.

Having a blast at the Santander circuit in the UK.

Good leaders know that their personal success is the key to their team’s success. Great leaders set the pace to make room for the team to catch up. When your team sees you consistently pushing for improvement, for higher achievements, for greater success, they will be motivated to do the same.

Being a leader puts you in the prime position to be the example, not the exception. It is not a special privilege that allows you to be complacent once you get there. It is an earned position that you must work hard to deserve and preserve.

So lead by example. If you want to win the race, you must push yourself to set the pace. How else are you going to create a team of winners?

Timo Glock knows what it takes to be a great leader!

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  1. moaath kaabneh
    Nov 10, 2011

    an amazing words 😀

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